Premium event

Seminar Managing Digital Transformation

28. September 2017 - 30. September 2017
8:00 bis 17:00
FHNW Campus Basel

Name: Noëmi Hess


Digital transformation has become a significant managerial challenge in organizational development. The paradox is that it has less to do with the new technologies themselves but more with the overall development and effectiveness of the organization. 

The objective of this seminar is to sharpen managerial inquiry through applying the principles and tools of the feedback systems approach toward digital business transformation. Throughout the seminar, you will learn to reflect, operationalize and further develop your understanding of emerging business dynamics resulting from digital transformations. You will gain new “habits of mind” by investigating root causes, system objectives and identifying high-leverage interventions for sustainable change.

The focus of the training is to equip you with the skills to visualize an organization's business model in terms of the structures and policies that create dynamic behaviors and regulate performance. You will learn to apply causal mapping and simulation modelling to understand the behavior of the organization undergoing change. This involves identifying relevant elements and decisive success factors in business models and understanding the relationships between them. The course draws on your existing experiences and knowledge to guide and facilitate your learnings.

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